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All Stars Tryouts

12U - April 2, 5:30-7:30PM, Kidsports - Fry Field

11U - April 10, 2pm, Kidsports - Lee Field

10U - May 1, 11:00AM, Kidsports - Harp Field

9U - TBD

Lakers Baseball Camp Info!

Register at

Ages: 8-15
When: Friday, April 16, 2021
Where: Griffin (Lakers) Field
Time: 6-9pm
Cost: $50

2021 KPWB Spring Baseball Registration is closed!

Frequently Asked Questions

When are practices?

We leave practice scheduling up to our coaches...after all, they are the ones who need to be there first.  They will contact their teams once they are assigned and send out a practice schedule.  Keep in mind that generally speaking, we practice for the first week to two weeks of the season, and then we replace practices with game play.   Practices get us started, game play carries us until the city tournament in early June.

When do games start?

Head over to the calendar page and you can see our most updated schedule.

Practices are currently scheduled to start the following dates:

April 5 - Majors and 10 Prep
April 12 - Minors
April 19 - Tball and Rookies

Please keep in mind that weather has a lot to say about this, and we won't be allowed on the fields until the city says so (usually on or around April 1).


How many games do we play?

Typically we play about 3 games per week.  Some weeks it's 4, usually it's not 2.  Games are often played on weekday evenings (5:30 - 6pm start times), and Saturday afternoons (noon - 4pm start times).  Games last two hours. 

Weather is also a finnicky beast, so we deal with it the best we can.

How much does baseball cost?

$150 for the 2021 season.  Up to $150 can be recouped by selling raffle tickets for our drawing.  Those raffle tickets will be handed out by the coaches or a board member early in the season.

What about Covid this or that?

Yeah...we still don't know.  We will adapt as necessary.  Things are looking up though, that's for sure.

Are we going to have to do ________ like last year?

Nobody knows...including us.  We really did our best to just stay afloat last year, let's hope this year is more normal, eh?

When does registration close?

March 5.  Make it happen people.  But if you can't, just get a hold of us ahead of that please. :)

I have more questions!!!

Cool.  Send an email!


Congratulations All-Star Coaches!

The board has finished interviews and the head coaches for this year's all star teams are:

  • 9u - Jesse McFarland
  • 10u - Zach Diede
  • 11u - Ty Weber
  • 12u - Chico Rodriguez

Tryout dates are not set yet, we will let you know once that is planned out.

Thanks to all of the coaches that put their name in the hat!  A commitment to the kids makes a world of difference!

Join the Board!

Youth baseball needs volunteers!  Be a part of the program!